• Do the lambs serve halal ?

Yes ! Our lamb is supplied from reputable halal meat importer :-

Pacific Refrigerating Sdn Bhd and Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd

as well as thorough examination of label of products used for sauce and etc.

  • How much deposit we have to pay ?

50% upon confirmation. As we serve only fresh lamb, we purchase upon order. Thus we require 1 week  appointment in advance for food and chef arrangement.

  • How do we place order ?

Preferably send us an online order appointment by clicking here stating the

  1. number of guests
  2. place of events
  3. special request
  • Where do you serve ?

Our focus currently is in Klang Valley. However we cover southern and northern region subject to transportation fees.

  • How long do you roast ?

We require about 3 hour to roast.

  • How if the venue is not appropriate for roasting ( ie office, apartment room and etc) ?

We can pre-roast the lamb and deliver to your venue.


For further queries, do feel free to submit enquire form here or call us at