Roast Lamb Parts

Based on our years of experience, there are several roast lamb parts that serve best for roasting :-


Leg is one of the favourite cuts for roasting which is the source for plenty of lean and tender meat. Besides whole leg is suitable for serving large numbers of people.

End of neck

This part is made up of lean meat, which is also the most expensive cut thus serving the best flavour. It cooks pretty quickly.


It has bone tat running through the centre that makes it a little more difficult to carve. Shoulder also serves best with long and slow roasting.


It has less fat than shoulder and a little more fat than the leg. A boned loin is also suitable for stuffing.


Among all the joints, breast has the most fat and often under-used and underrated.  However, if it is boned and rolled around a dry,  lean, well-flavoured stuffing, it serves a tender and inexpensive roasting joint.


The best of all is still Whole Roast Lamb. Order now by calling us at 017-3321563