About Us

RoastLambMalaysia, being specialised in “roast lamb“, providing quality and juicy lamb which is suitable in any events such as :-

  • Wedding celebration
  • Birthday Party
  • Outdoor Event
  • Corporate Event
  • Festival parties
  • Annual dinner n etc
roast lamb malaysia

roast lamb malaysia


The main objective

of our service is to be value adding to our customers with our Home Made Recipe for our roast lamb. Imagine this, having customers to finger licking good while eating shows that we have achieve our objective.

Our core values

in serving customers which attracts returning clients are :-

  • HYGIENE - Handle food with proper hygiene standards
  • QUALITY    - Serve by our professional chef, to ensure up-to-standard quality
  • STANDARD- Knowing who we truly are
  • SERVICE      -Ensure maximum satisfaction by customers

Our roast lamb is Halal with stringent monitoring of ingredients used. We ensure that the lambs are prepared in a hygienic environment which to ensure great foundation for extra tasty food! RoastLambMalaysia is founded by Ryan Sum,  a local Search Engine Marketing & Internet Business Consultant.

Turn your special day into an extra special one with our unforgettable meal. Click here for appointment or call us at